The Season of Gratitude

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The holiday season can be a time filled with celebration, meaningful connections and joyful events shared with family and friends. If you are in recovery from substances such as alcohol, opiates or other drugs this season can also be filled with profound stress. Being around friends and family can bring on emotional distress, as well as anticipated feelings of uncertainty.

We understand the unique challenges of balancing life choices with the critical importance of your recovery goals. We also understand that the first thing you put ahead of your recovery will be the next thing you risk losing. During the season of joy and gift giving, let your most precious gift be the gift of recovery – this is a gift you give to yourself as well as the ones you love.

We suggest planning ahead, and if necessary, limiting your time at family events, as well as other social celebrations.  If possible, bring a sober friend with you. Remember that local recovery support groups, including 12-step meetings, have holiday marathon meetings, to make sure you can access that extra needed support.

Finally, the holiday seasons are always a good time to focus on gratitude, extend a loving hand to someone in need, be a good listener, count your blessings, and allow time for relaxation, reflection and spiritual renewal as you prepare your heart and mind for another wonderful year in recovery.