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Talking to teens about pot now that it’s ‘cool’ in Washington

When I talk to my adolescent clients and their parents I am told that “everyone on Maui smokes weed.” I happen to know that statement is not true because I live on Maui and I do not smoke pot.  Frank Couch talks about why it is important to know your policy. It is not “just marijuana.”  You are putting a powerful substance on a brain that is still developing. Be informed.

Here’s a great piece from MyNorthwest.com.

Talking to Teens about Pot

Heroin problem in Puget Sound area getting younger

I practiced in the Seattle area before coming back to Maui. I can tell you that the drug problems on Maui are a couple of years behind the Mainland. Maui already has a heroin problem, if it follows the trend it will get worse.

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