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Maui teen dies from apparent prescription drug & alcohol combo

The majority of the calls I receive are from the family member of adolescents and adults addicted to opioid type drugs like Oxycodone. We did such a great job of getting behind the “Ice Epidemic” here on Maui. My hope is that we do the same for what is now a “prescription drug addiction epidemic.” We are losing too many young people to this epidemic. My heartfelt prayers go out to the family of this young man. I posted this in hopes that people realize the seriousness of this issue.

–Debbie Bayer

KHON Covers Maui Teen Overdose Death



How Can We Solve the Opioid Epidemic?

“At least 8 million Americans fall asleep at night under the influence of an opioid. Every morning, 40 of them don’t wake up. What can be done to control this epidemic?” Read more from TheFix.com here.

Hawaii had their eye on  the “Ice Epidemic” while the “Opioid Epidemic” snuck up on us. Over half of the calls we receive at BHH are from family members regarding a loved one that is struggling with Opioid addiction, either street prescription drugs or MD’s over prescribing.

Opioid Pill

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