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Your Brain on Drugs

Substance Abuse affects our Brain's Neurotransmitters

It is important to understand that addiction is a problem with brain functioning. Addict/Alcoholic’s do terrible things but the are almost never terrible people. Once the person gets off the drugs and in recovery you start to see the real person emerge. It takes several months for the brain to heal. The addicted individual needs to be actively involved in some sort of treatment, sober support, or 12-step program.

What is a Synthetic Drug?

Read this article from The Fix to get informed about Synthetic Drugs like Bath Salts and Spice I don’t think they will go away any time soon and they can have very negative effects on the brain.

“Violent headaches, paranoia, disturbed vision and impaired decision-making can all be effects of bath salts. But you can also catch a mild ride, and come out of the evening without a scratch. Are they safe? Yes and No. Maybe.” —TheFix.com