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Jamie Lee Curtis talks Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, and Sobriety

I appreciate it when famous people talk about recovery. The stigma still exists in today’s society. As much work as we have done to prove that addiction is a brain disease, people are still ashamed to admit they have the disease. Evidence supports what Ms. Curtis said about changing the prevalence of addiction in her family. When one person gets into recovery it has an impact on others in the family. Thank you Ms. Curtis for “coming out.”


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Subtle (and not-so-subtle) Signs that You May Need Alcohol or Drug Rehab Treatment

“Admitting that you have a problem and may need alcohol or drug rehab treatment is very difficult for most people. It’s hard enough to admit it to yourself – and even harder to let others know you need help. But, unless you take that courageous first step, you’ll continue down a path of self-destruction that may have dire consequences for yourself – as well as for those you love.” –Elements Behavioral Health

Chances are if you are asking yourself the question you may have a problem. It is important to have an accurate assessment of your alcohol and drug use in order to determine if some sort of substance abuse treatment is indicated.  The first step in addiction recovery is the hardest to take. If you think you or a loved one is abusing alcohol or drugs please give as a call we can help you determine what kind of help would be best. -Debbie Bayer, BHH

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Al-Anon Can Help Alcoholic Families!

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Family members need to realize that they did not cause the addiction. They also need to allow professionals to help the addict. Alcoholism and Drug addiction is a brain based disease. If your family member was doing crazy things that seemed out of character and was causing chaos in your home, you would take them to the Doctor to find out what was wrong.

With addiction we tend to enable by covering it up, or not allowing the addict to suffer the consequences of the addiction related behaviors. Many times pain is the only thing that can get the addicts’ attention.

Great video on how Family Members can help an alchoholic through Al-Anon meetings. I hope you will take a moment to watch! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1XGrH7XY9X4

Your Brain on Drugs

Substance Abuse affects our Brain's Neurotransmitters

It is important to understand that addiction is a problem with brain functioning. Addict/Alcoholic’s do terrible things but the are almost never terrible people. Once the person gets off the drugs and in recovery you start to see the real person emerge. It takes several months for the brain to heal. The addicted individual needs to be actively involved in some sort of treatment, sober support, or 12-step program.

Recover to Live – An Interview with Author Christopher Kennedy Lawford

Christopher Lawford (nephew of John F. Kennedy) is a Maui resident and willing to help our community raise awareness about the stigma attached to addiction, and to educate this community about what works and what does not work when dealing with addiction. In his book he talks about families educating themselves about enabling behaviors and how to break the cycle in the family. To quote ” You can throw them a rope but don’t go in the water,” is a great way to tell families they can help their loved ones only if they help themselves. Debbie Bayer is a licensed family therapist and addictions specialist, she has over 30 years of personal recovery from addiction. She lost her Mother to alcoholism in 1988. Debbie understands the disease of addiction both from the perspective of the addict/alcoholic but also from that of the family members.

Read his full interview about his latest book, Recover to Live: Kick Any Habit, Manage Any Addiction here.

Christopher Lawford

Is Alcoholism A Disease

Great words from Sobriety for Women…

“Addiction is a bloody gruesome little fellow huh? He comes in and takes over lives and ruins dreams. Alcoholism is a disease. When I first was getting sober and they told me that alcoholism and drug addiction was a disease I did not agree. They wanted to compare it to cancer and how people should feel sorry for us addicts. I thought to myself, “I wish I would have known this growing up I could have gotten my parents off my back!” I could only image using that excuse when they were pointing flash lights at my eyes to check the size of my pupils.”

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Betty Ford Center Children’s Program Explains Addiction to Kids

Betty Ford‘s children’s program is hands down the best in the country. They offer scholarship’s and try not to turn any child away.  Children are the collateral damage of addiction. They need just as much help and support as the addict.

Betty Ford

Doctors Easily Miss Signs of Problem Drinking

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During a recent trip to the doctor, the nurse asked me how much I drink weekly. Before I was able to get the answer out, she quickly said, ‘it’s okay, we don’t have to deal with that question.’ She was clearly very uncomfortable asking that question.  Doctors are trying to treat your present issue and if it isn’t directly related to alcohol, an abuse problem will probably be missed.

Alcoholism is a major cause of death in the United States. Don’t depend on your Dr. to assess your drinking patterns. Talk to a professional.


Read supporting material from TheFix.com here.

Amy Winehouse Spent Her Last Night Watching Videos Of Herself

Yahoo! reported last week, “The tragic tale of Amy Winehouse has not been laid to rest, as new details of her death scene were revealed this week. A London coroner’s court was told on Tuesday that the 27-year-old Grammy winner spent her last night drinking alone and watching videos of herself on YouTube.”

Addiction is a lonely disease Amy was loved by many but the disease kept her from feeling the love. What a tragedy.

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