Prescription drug abuse on the rise in Hawaii

How is that one of the worst drug problems in history flows straight out of our health care system? reports, “It’s almost unthinkable that in an era preoccupied with ‘evidence-based’ medicine and ‘best practic’ advice, one of the worst drug problems in the United States flows right out of our health care system. Unlike other major epidemics such as those connected to methamphetamine, crack cocaine or other illegal drugs, our prescription opioid problem is full of irony and agony, because it has been fueled, to a certain extent, by the actions of well-intended medical doctors.  Physician-prescribed opioid medication misuse is multifactorial in its origins and has proved an equally complex puzzle for those who are working to find a solution.”

Prescription Drug abuse is a major problem on Maui and in the state of Hawaii. At Behavioral Health Hawaii we understand and treat prescription drug abuse. Call us at 808-234-9838 for a free 15 minute consultation.


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