Penn State Neuroscientists Investigate Addiction Through MRIs

I spoke to a client recently who is unable to stop drinking and is wreaking havoc on his family. He insists that “he has been to treatment twice, it doesn’t work.”  I hear this all the time and nothing could be further from the truth.  Following your discharge plan to the letter is what it takes to maintain abstinence.  Behavioral Health Hawaii offers comprehensive outpatient services for the addicted individual and their families. Many people need to go to treatment several times before they are able to stay clean and sober.   -Debbie Bayer

“Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania hope they are on to something. Using MRIs, they have worked to isolate and study parts of the brain at various stages of addiction and treatment. By measuring the response of the reward system at these stages, scientists may be able to predict which treatments would prove most effective for individual addicts.

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