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Tips for Staying Clean and Sober During the Holiday Season

Holidays can be especially difficult for people in recovery.  
Here are some tips to help stay clean and sober this season.  
1. Have A Plan!
Make sure you have a way out.
Bring your own beverages and/or sober support person.
Know what to say when asked why you are not drinking 
Drive yourself or have cab fare
2. Stay Away From Slippery Places
There is absolutely no reason to check out your former favorite establishments or drinking and using friends.  Instead you can meet for coffee or breakfast but stay out of old haunts.
3. Create New Traditions…
To replace your old using patterns.  If you’re in recovery, chances are your holiday season hasn’t gone so well in the past.  Here is your opportunity to really show up for your family and friends with true holiday spirit!
You can drive around to look at Christmas lights, make cookies, go to a play, or watch holiday movies.
4. Go To Meetings!
People at meetings understand what you’re going through.  You can also pick up some more tips on how to cope through the holiday season.  If you’re feeling particularly shaky then ‘double up’.  Maui AA has an alcathon at Cameron Center every year.  Check out for more information.
5. H.A.L.T. – Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired
This is a lethal combination for people in recovery.
If you’re hungry – get something to eat
If you’re angry – talk to someone about it
If you’re lonely – go to a meeting, call a friend, or your sponsor
If you’re tired – rest
6. Ask for Support from Family and Friends
Those who are truly supportive of your recovery will be happy to help you throughout the holidays.
7. Don’t Overindulge
Too much sugar and caffine can make cravings worse and cause mood swings that you don’t need during the holidays.  Remember moderation.  Eating healthy is important for recovery. 
8. Volunteer Your Services
There are many people in your community less fortunate than you.  You will be helping not only the needy but also yourself.  Maui AA central office can always use volunteers.  You can reach them at 244-9673.
9. Make a List and Check it Twice
Have a list of 10 people you can call.  Carry the list and your cell phone at all times.  Start getting used to calling these people now.  It won’t be as uncomfortable as calling during a slippery situation.
10. Stay In The Moment
Live one day at a time and enjoy your recovery.  Enjoy today, live today.  Write out a gratitude list daily.  Celebrate your recovery!


Al-Anon Can Help Alcoholic Families!

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Family members need to realize that they did not cause the addiction. They also need to allow professionals to help the addict. Alcoholism and Drug addiction is a brain based disease. If your family member was doing crazy things that seemed out of character and was causing chaos in your home, you would take them to the Doctor to find out what was wrong.

With addiction we tend to enable by covering it up, or not allowing the addict to suffer the consequences of the addiction related behaviors. Many times pain is the only thing that can get the addicts’ attention.

Great video on how Family Members can help an alchoholic through Al-Anon meetings. I hope you will take a moment to watch!